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Meade Lx-65 with a 150 mm MCT or SCT cass?

Discussion in 'Telescopes and Mounts' started by Lunar Mike, May 26, 2020.

Meade Lx-65 with a 150 mm MCT or SCT cass?

Started by Lunar Mike on May 26, 2020 at 1:21 PM

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  1. Lunar Mike

    Lunar Mike New Member

    May 26, 2020
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    Hello to you all. First off I live in a second floor apartment . I have had big scopes in the past like a 10 inch dob/8 inch reflector/8 inch SCT. The scope I have used the most was a Celestron C-5. So knowing what a full sized Orion MVP-GEM mount as well as as a 5 inch SCT is like. I know a 6 inch SCT or a 6 inch MCT would be perfect ! An MCT/SCT scope optics . I Absolutely love to look at the moon all time favorite thing to look at hence my name on here . Then I love small-medium planetary nebulas, double and triple stars, as well as the ever changing planets. I know an MCT has a narrow field of view as well but they are great for pushing magnifications and I have read a 6 inch MCT can rival what expensive 4 inch APO refractors can do and have much more light grasp in a much smaller package . So the question is do I get a 6 inch SCT for generally all around performance or do I go for the MCT which I know caters nicely to the objects I like to look a the most. I really have no serious ambitions of astro photography, I am mainly a full time visual observer. As for the mount I really like the Meade LX65 mount. You can mount all sorts of things to it and it really has good capacity for what I wanna do. possibly mount two scopes at once. What are your thoughts between these two scope designs?
  2. PXR-5

    PXR-5 Active Member

    Nov 28, 2016
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    Monroe, NC
    That's the age old question.

    I can tell you that a 5" Mak is a great balcony scope :)
    A 6 may require a bit more mounting.

    I have used my 127 on a Vixen Porta at our place in Mrytle Beach with good results.
    The C6 will ride on the Porta but even though it's the same weight it has more shakes.

    Personally, I think Maks do better as Urban scopes and targets. While the SCT is better for deep sky and more rural areas.


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